Exam Grievance Redressal

Exam Grievance Redressal

BCACS conducts university exam as per the ordinance of SPPU. College Exam Committee, Chief Examination Officer along with principal and other teaching, administrative faculty ensure smooth conduct of the examination and internal assessment. If any grievance occurs it is immediately considered and redressed. Following mechanism is set to deal with examination related different grievances.

Grievances related to university examination

For grievance related to University examination CEC collects application from student duly signed by Principal and forwards it to university. If grievance is related to revaluation of marks, student is supposed to fill online revaluation form on university website. Student gets Xerox copy of answer sheet of the concerned paper. After studying answer sheets, student can apply for verification and revaluation of answer sheet. The result of revaluation is given by the university within 30 days of the application.

The grievances related to problem in submission of online examination forms and queries related to mistakes in hall tickets and mark sheets regarding name, course name, and programme name are resolved promptly by the CEO by communicating with university.

Grievances related to college examination

There is complete transparency in the internal assessment. Academic calendar for internal examination is prepared by College Examination Committee. College Examination Officer(CEO) monitors internal evaluation process. The student’s grievances related to internal examination are solved by College examination committee

  • Student have to approach CEO.
  • An application is to be submitted by the student to the examination department explaining their grievance.
  • The examination department on going through the application forward it to the Principal.
  • The Principal in consultation with CEC,solve the grievance, and make the remark on the application which then comes back to the examination department.
  • After taking necessary steps, students are informed.
  • The process is completely transparent.

Grievance related to internal marks

The Examination Department also deals with mistakes/errors related to internal assessment of the students promptly. All internal examinations are conducted adhering to the norms of SPPU. Internal marks are given considering surprise test, home assignment, quiz etc. The system of internal marks is very transparent. The students are given opportunity to redress their grievances concerning internal marks if any. CEO can intervene and seek opinion of another course teacher. The grievances are resolved by showing his/her performance in the answer sheet or the answer sheet is reassessed by the faculty once again in his presence. Any corrections in the total of marks or assessment of answer books are immediately done by the faculty members.

Exam Announcement

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